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My side project is repairing my computer that was damaged in the lightning storm we had awhile ago. The problem with the computer is that it just wouldn't turn on. I checked all the connections and made sure it was correctly plugged in but nothing worked. I figured it was the power supply that was broken so to test this I removed the power supply from the case and unplugged all of its connections. I then jumped the power supply by using the instructions located here:




By doing this with a piece of wire I discovered that my hunch was right and the power supply was blown from the power constantly turning on and off before being able to unplug it. So I then researched power supplies on www.newegg.com and found that the best power supply to fit my computer's specs was:




Which happened to be on sale and have a mail in rebate bringing the total down to $99. I needed a 24 pin connector for my motherboard which this has and my hardware is pretty powerful and this power supply has more than enough power for my computer. Also the computer received a 5 out of 5 rating out of over 500 different personal reviews. The computer itself was custom built and having the excess power would be good.


The power supply arrived and I removed the side panel of my computer and screwed the power supply into where the existing one was. I screwed in the new OCZ Power supply and simply plugged in all of the connectors to the motherboard, peripherals, etc. I then replaced the side case of the computer and plugged the power cord into the power supply then in to the wall. I flicked the switch on and powered up my computer. The computer powered up perfectly and is running smoothly again. Thus, my computer is perfectly running again after the original scare that the whole thing was fried.





For christmas I received a new monitor/tv combo and hooked it up to my computer and xbox 360. The monitor is a 24 inch widescreen westinghouse 1080P. This is the exact monitor I received:




However, my computer did not support the 1900x1200 that the monitor was capable of. In order to get the monitor working on my computer with the highest resolution and best picture quailty I realized I had to download new drivers for my video card. To do this I researched and ended up on




From here I went to the download drivers section and entered in my video cards information and wound up here:




I downloaded the drivers and had to restart my computer. I hooked up my monitor and right clicked the desktop and entered the Nvidia Display Properties. I changed the resolution to 1900x1200 and the monitor adjusted to this size. It not correctly functions.


I then set up my 360 to the monitor via the HD component cables as displayed on xbox's website:




I then entered the HDTV settings menu as shown here:



However mine was set to 1080P. The 360 restarted and from then on displayed games at full 1080P problem free!

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